The quitting trend:

People are leaving their roles at record levels, here are the reasons why; 

Quitting jobs

The unique problem


£42-45BN - The cost of mental ill-health to employees in UK

£29BN - direct costs due to absenteeism

£15.1BN - productivity loss due to presenteeism

17.5M - work days lost due to stress

"No problem stays solved in a dynamic environment."

- R. Ackoff

Why coaching

Aligning people, process & purpose.


Our organisational health & development solutions enable teams & organisations to develop the following 7 key factors that create peak performing teams:

  • Cohesive values based leadership
  • Authentic, effective communication
  • Trust at all levels
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Challenging & purposeful work
  • Aligned values & vision
  • CANI/Innovation


Stress + Recovery = Performance

Our organisational health programme is at the cutting edge of data analytics. Our digital health promotion service helps users enhance their health, balance stress & recovery, and ultimately reduce risk whilst improving performance for any organisation.

The key benefits for you:

  • Engage every employee
  • Mare data-driven decisions
  • Gain measurable results

With our unique solution, you are given a concise summary of your company's wellbeing status and progress.

Review the number of high risk employees, work satisfaction, and Firstbeat Life usage.


Explore your organisational health & development options with us today.

Stress + Recovery = Performance