Architects of Futures.

*Architects of futures - a play on words.

We help to build peak performing individuals, teams and organisations.


Ashley Hughes

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Co-Founder ~ Coach ~ Consultant


Duncan Southern-Naylor

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Co-Founder ~ Coach ~ Consultant


Humans first.

Our mission is to empower each individual to achieve all that they desire, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

Increasing human performance through raising awareness, thinking differently, enhancing effective communication, developing a peak performance mindset, collaborating efficiently, and taking positive action will have a direct impact on individuals, the team or organisation that they are in, and the society in which they live.


We are surrounded by an amazing team that consists of:

Organisational Psychologists

Peak Performance Coaches

Health & Fitness Coaches

Leadership Coaches

Executive Coaches





6 Continents

We have performed across 6 of the 7 continents of the World at the highest levels, in some of the most demanding environments. We understand the variety of environmental factors faced by all.

22 Countries

We have assisted thousands of individuals, teams and organisations in 22 countries within the context of human performance development. We know that cultural differences matter.

40,000 + hours

We have amassed over 40,000 hours of study, interaction, delivery, development and results within the field of human performance. We are practitioners able to achieve the highest results.



*(from real live people, click on their names)

"I am writing this personal recommendation at the end of my participation in an AGILE Leadership programme where Ashley was the co-lead and personal coach for us attendees.


Ashley's passion for coaching shows in the way he challenged us by asking thought-provoking questions and sharing great life lessons for us to further learn and be inspired. He creates an environment of trust and openness which is key to being a great coach and his listening skills meant I always felt supported and encouraged to try different approaches. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ashley and will come back to his shared insights again and again."

"Ash is an incredibly gifted coach. I learned more in a few hours with him than I have in the last 15 years on leadership and executive presence.


Ashley created space to be curious, challenged some old assumptions I carried, eventually helping me uncover my answer to the situation, and held me accountable to my own commitments.


Wherever you are in your life's journey, stop and book a call with Ash. You won't regret a second of it."


"Ashley has volunteered his time over the last year to offer personal and professional mentorship to me.


His advice has made an immense difference! He offers excellent perspective and practical tools to actually make a difference in people's lives!


I admire that he still takes the time to volunteer working with vets even as he continues to grow his company and brand. Thank you Ashley for continuing to be a mentor and friend!"

"Ash Hughes has to be one of the most compassionate and intuitive leaders I've known, and we've only spoken over the phone!


The man has made powerful changes in organizations big and small, and there are few people in my life so happily dedicated to seeking incremental improvement every day and making that effort a homage to hope.


He's an inspiration to anyone who knows him."