Ashley Hughes

Chief Architect of Futures

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Things you should know:

I'm a human performance coach, passionate about people and empowering them to be great.

Over the years I have helped thousands of people achieve their peak performance goals through understanding the psychology of peak performance, becoming resilient, confident and accountable to themselves.

I've clocked up over 20,000 hours of peak-performance coaching & mentoring, working 1:1 and with small teams, alongside people from all backgrounds and circumstances across the globe.


During this time I have made 1000's of mistakes, owning every single one of them.

I love to help people achieve their goals and believe in actions over words all day long.

Duncan Southern-Naylor

Chief Architect of Futures

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Things you should know:

I’m a human performance coach with a passion for helping people achieve their goals. 


Throughout my career I have coached, mentored and developed thousands of people working both 1:1 and with small teams.


I have a zest for life and find joy in watching people develop themselves, whether it’s with or without my help.  


Always one to see the bright side of a dull situation; I like to look for opportunity where others only see barriers.


I believe every day is a school day and growth sits on the other side of discomfort.

Keith J Abraham

Architect of the Mind 

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Things you should know:

I am Human Resiliency Specialist focused on the personal, internal processes which refine and develop our ability to reach and maintain peak performance; physically, emotionally and psychologically.


Having taught and mentored hundreds of people from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, I continue to find my work profoundly fulfilling and remain excited to offer my experiences and best practices to others wishing to develop greater personal resilience.

Mhairi Muir

Architect of the Body

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Things you should know:

I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I have a passion for changing lives by helping people improve their health, fitness and mindset. 


My experience in peak performance is my own, a performance athlete first where I competed in multi-sport events for many years to then working in a high pressure environment in small teams or on my own. I believe to be the top of your game in everyday life you have to maintain optimal health.


I help people by enabling them to understand how they can adopt realistic strategies and processes to support their performance goals, educating them on the ‘why’ means that it becomes a sustainable lifestyle that they are in full control of their practices, which then brings ownership and empowerment. 


I have coached many who after small changes have improved their energy levels which highlights an increase in productivity, performance and positive mindset.


Humans first.

Our mission is to empower each individual to achieve all that they desire, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

Improving human performance will have a direct positive impact on individuals, the team or organisation that they are in and the society in which they live.


6 Continents

We have performed across 6 of the 7 continents of the World at the highest levels, in the some of the most demanding environments. We understand the variety of environmental factors faced by all.

22 Countries

We have assisted thousands of individuals, teams and organisations in 22 countries within the context of human performance development. We know that cultural differences matter.

40,000 + hours

We have amassed over 40,000 hours of study, interaction, delivery, development and results within the field of human performance. We are practitioners able to achieve the highest results.

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