1st rule of leadership? Do your job!

football leader leadership mindset nfl Feb 15, 2022
NFL stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are a hugely successful NFL team who have won 5 Lombardi trophies in their history. High on the wall in their training facility there is a simple but highly effective quote; “Do your job”.

Some NFL die-hards will argue that the quote was stolen from Bill Belichick, head coach of the even more successful New England Patriots. Regardless of where it originated, the sentiment is the point of the article. (And I’m a Cardinals fan!)

Jason Garrett, head coach (at the time of writing) of the Cowboys, elaborates on the saying eloquently during a keynote speech where he stipulates the first rule of leadership is to lead.  This is a simple yet powerful statement and not one loaded with negative connotations. The statement is there to remind each person within the team that they have a job to do and there are consequences for all if they do not carry out their responsibilities effectively.  

As a leader, you have been selected and empowered to a position of greatness. It is your duty to take on such responsibility; applying your knowledge, skills and experience, combined with your values and standards to lead appropriately. 

A good leader is there to serve those under their command. You have the executive power to enable them to be great.

As a leader, set the highest standards possible, not purely in words but in the actions that you take; walk your talk.  Keep accountability high through encouraging transparency and shared goals.  

Finally, instil a mind-set in those around you to be their best, regardless of the circumstances.

Do your job.🙌


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