Jul 25, 2022

What do you believe in?

A person’s beliefs are considered something that drive their expectations of themselves and others alike. They provide people with a sense of certainty about themselves and how they perceive the World in which they live. 

Philosophers use the term belief to refer to personal attitudes that are associated with true or false ideas and concepts. Beliefs are sometimes divided into core beliefs and dispositional beliefs; things we have actively thought about and those that we have not.

There is an abundance of material surrounding the notion of beliefs. Some will argue that they are simple and others that they are not. Some beliefs are automatic or require little if any thought; that the sun will rise the following morning for example.

Within the context of peak performance, we consider that there are two types of beliefs; empowering and limiting. Both are essential and have their strengths.

Limiting beliefs are essential when it comes to protection and survival. It is useful that rational people believe that they cannot fly by jumping off a ten-storey roof without any additional assistance. Limiting beliefs are less helpful when they hold people back from trying new experiences or hold them back unnecessarily, giving them negative expectations of failure.

Empowering beliefs can motivate people to have positive expectations of success, positive attitudes and a general demeanour that allows them to try new things without fear of failure and the opinions of others.

Beliefs have the power to dictate our lives, they become your thoughts, which drive your actions. The positive aspect is that as they have been learnt during the course of your life, they can also be re-learnt. You are in control of your beliefs and therefore your lives.

Take the time to assess your own beliefs and ensure that they are not holding you back.


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