Find your religion

bjj Aug 23, 2022

My mother would be proud!

I have found religion and went to church this morning to pray at 6am. 

On a serious note, as a peak performance coach-consultant, people often ask me what it takes to be a peak performer, how to develop peak performance within their teams, or what it takes to change something in their life or organisation.

Quite simply, my go-to answer is: it's all about your psychology.

Having the desire for constant & never ending improvement, challenging yourself to constantly & consistently learn new things and grow.

Some of the excuses I hear:

"But I'm fearful...", "what if this happens...", "what if that happens..." etc.

At 39 years old, stepping into a jiujitsu gym for the first time was daunting as hell, trust me. For the first 4 weeks I was being folded into shapes that I never knew existed. For me, I loved not knowing anything, every second was a learning opportunity, all I had to do was leave my ego at the door and appreciate the chance that I had in front of me.

I am now 12 months into my journey and my time on the mats has become my sanctuary for physical & psychological challenges. It is also my place to switch off mentally. All I can think of during the session is what is happening at the moment.

What does this have to do with the corporate world that I work in with many of our clients? So far, a few of the lessons that I have re-learnt which could & should be adopted in more corporate environments are:

  • presence: be in the moment.
  • embrace failure as feedback. (I fail at least 100 times each session)
  • appreciating that you never do and never will know everything; someone will always know different things which you can also learn from if you allow yourself.
  • clearing the mind of the noise that everyday life throws at us allows us to consider different perspectives and see things that we were once blind to.


Find your religion, go to church, you will feel better for it!


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