Happy St David’s Day

Mar 01, 2023
St David

Well now, a very warm welcome to you, my friend!

St David's Day is a day of great celebration for us Welsh people. It is held on the 1st of March each year in honour of Saint David, who is the patron saint of Wales. He was a Welsh bishop who lived in the 6th century and is known for his wisdom and miracles.

On this day, we proudly wear our national emblems, which include the daffodil and the leek, and many people attend church services, parades, and concerts. We also enjoy traditional Welsh foods, such as Welsh cakes, bara brith, and cawl.

St David's Day is a time when we come together to celebrate our Welsh identity and culture. It is a day to remember our history, our language, and our traditions. So, on this day, we say "Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!" which means "Happy St David's Day!" in Welsh.

I hope that helps to explain what St David's Day is all about. Diolch yn fawr iawn (Thank you very much) for asking me!


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