How can I help?

help perspectives May 03, 2022
curious giraffe

Four simple words. Four syllables. One powerful question. 

How many times do you hear this in a day?

More importantly, how many times do you ask it in one day?

Thought provoking, isn't it?

What if the leader of your organisation asked you this question? Would you have the confidence to express what you needed to? Would you trust that whatever you said would be heard and not used against you in the future?

As a leader, if you asked this question, would you get an answer from those around you? Would any answers be the right ones or the ones you want to hear? Would you be able to listen effectively? Would you be able to process and deliver on what is asked of you?

Just these two perspectives show how complex one small question can be. 

Imagine your leader would ask you this question often, would listen effectively and take positive action on your requests. How good would you feel? How happy would you be in that environment? How good would it be for the organisation and those within it? 

Imagine, as a leader, that those you serve would have the confidence and trust to answer you honestly and productively. How happy would that make you feel as a person? How good would that confidence in you make you feel? How effective would that trusting environment be for your organisation? What effect would this have on all of your people, the image of your leadership and your brand both internal and external to the organisation?

Just these two perspectives show how powerful one small question could be. 

So…. How can I help?


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