How to get the results that you want

performance results Mar 29, 2022

Results are the outcome of the actions that we take.

But why then don’t we always get the results that we want? We suggest it is a combination of five critical factors:

  1. Quality actions.
  2. Quantity actions.
  3. Consistent actions.
  4. Order and sequence of actions.
  5. Knowledge and skills.

In order to achieve your desired results, you have to take quality, quantity actions, consistently, in the correct order and sequence using the knowledge and skills that you have.

It may seem like common sense and it is, but not always common practice. Have you ever met anyone who has an abundance of knowledge and skills yet fails to achieve anything? Likewise, have you ever met anyone who does not have as good knowledge and skills yet still manages to achieve greatness? 

I’m sure you do.

Imagine baking a cake. I could have the best ingredients in the world, but used in the wrong quantity I will never be able to bake a great cake.

Similarly, I could have great quality ingredients at the desired quantity but if I fail to mix the ingredients in the correct order and sequence then I will fail to bake a masterpiece. If I have quality ingredients, in the right quantity and mix them in the correct order and sequence but fail to apply the knowledge and skills I have of baking then I will still fail to produce the cake that I want.

But if I do use quality ingredients, in the correct quantity, and I do mix them in the correct order and sequence and I do apply my knowledge and skills of baking then I will get the results that I want. 🍰


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