Patience is critical

Jan 20, 2023

Sat in the international departure lounge at San Francisco airport, I took the time to reflect on a very busy couple of days, something finally dawned on me. Patience is something that highly successful people such as Gary Vaynerchuk have been harping on about for a long time now. I took this information in, but it didn’t totally land with me. 


It’s easy for people who are successful to tell the rest of us, who are fighting daily to turn our dreams & passions into reality, to have patience. That said, I did believe there was truth in what he was saying, it was hard to balance with the desire for instant action & results.


Something popped into my consciousness whilst I was sat in silent reflection regarding a message I had recieved earlier in the day. This time last year, we had an idea which we thought would be easy to implement, but had failed to materialise and I thought was dead and buried had suddenly sprung back into existence. 


The lesson that I have taken away from this interaction, is that I DO need to have more patience, with myself and others. Not everyone is at the same stage of their lives or journey as I am, and that’s ok. 


We have to respect different perspectives, create an environment of trust, empowerment & support; and then observe people come into their own. It may take longer than we expect or like, but if you trust in yourself & your vision, then have patience.


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