Success leaves clues

success Aug 02, 2022

In 2017 my routine was pretty busy. I was deployed overseas on operations as a team leader, I was in the middle of my masters degree and I was in the throes of starting my own business.

Time was the most important asset that I had, and I had to protect it with my life.

One strategy that I would implement in order to ensure that I was taking enough time for myself & my personal growth was to wake up early and get things done before the rest of the world woke up.

I would wake up early, the sun would always be up and the day would be warming up which helped a lot. I would conduct 10 minutes of yoga, put a fresh pot of coffee on, dial in to the music of choice at that time and then get down to whatever work I had set for myself.

Those six months were one of the most productive times of my life, and I loved it. I wasn’t busy, I was efficient & effective.

Fast forward to 2022 and all of the awful things life is throwing at us right now, I was on a long commute and took the time to reflect on my current productivity and happiness. This is a practice that I do regularly enough, just to ensure that I am aligned internally. 

One of the things that I realised is that I am not as effective with my time as I should be. So I decided to think back to the thighs that I used to do back in 2017. Success leaves us clues to find, it is our job to find them, learn from them and repeat them.

When was the last time that you took account of your own life? How often are you really taking time out to ensure that you are still juggling all the balls in your life and you haven’t forgotten to pick up one of them that you dropped a while back.

I use the juggler metaphor as I don’t believe in the work-life balance rhetoric that is being peddled currently. In our lives we have different things that are important to us, things that we must concentrate on at different times of our lives. These things are represented by juggling balls. If they are important to us, then they are always there, but not necessarily at the front of our mind all the time. 

We juggle the things that are important to us. Paying them more attention when they are in our hands, as we release them into the air, we have an awareness of where they are and how they are doing, but our main attention is on the things in our hands at any given time. And so we go around and around.

Sometimes we will forget about one aspect, and it will fall to the floor. We have to make a decision to leave it there or pick it back up and re-engage it into our sphere of influence.

Some aspects will remain on the floor, and some new aspects will come into our sphere. This is life. Around we go.

How good at juggling are you?


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