Take a condor moment

diving mindset pressure scuba stress Feb 22, 2022
scuba diving

Inside of an underwater cavern, 40m under the glistening mediterranean sea, I lay on the seabed in complete darkness.  The person I was diving with had disturbed the fine silt that had laid untouched for many years. I found myself separated from them and unaware of where the exit was.  

My breathing rate increased, I could feel the adrenaline surging through my body like a tidal wave.  I was starting to panic and was rapidly running out of air which merely exacerbated the issue. 

Images of my family streaming through my mind, I was left with 2 options: 

(a) Panic and risk running out of air. 


(b) Stop, take a moment to compose myself and start making a decision.  

Luckily the latter is exactly what I did. 

I stopped and took a condor moment.  A condor moment can be either a few seconds or minutes, it is simply a moment for you to reflect on the current situation (despite the urgency) in order to improve your chances of getting the outcome you desire.  It was in these seconds that I remembered my training and found my way out. Thanks to taking that condor moment and acting rationally, I live to tell the tale!

So what has this got to do with business? 

Many people find themselves in highly stressful situations in the workplace where decisions need to be made, and made quickly.  You have 2 choices;

(a) Panic and although you wont run out of air you may well run out of time, or 

(b) Stop, take a condor moment then make your decision.  

You too may live to tell the tale! 🤿


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