Mar 15, 2022

I have always struggled with getting to grips with meditation, to the point where I just didn’t bother.  I was happy in the fact that my own little meditation happened when I was at the gym as I would often not think about anything other than the exercises that were dominating my life at that specific moment.

It was only during a recent overseas trip that I began to research more about the power of visualisation.  I had used visualisation exercises regarding my long-term visions in the past, and as a performance coach, had used this technique with clients in the past but not to the intensity that I now perform on my own every day.

Each morning, I include a visualisation exercise into my routine and I wanted to share this experience with you so that you may benefit in the way that I have. 

I listen to isochronic tones when studying and have anchored a specific tune; to success.  I use this tone as background noise whilst I sit comfortably on a chair, relax myself through conducting whole body breathing (Wim Hof), close my eyes and begin to visualise my goals.

Most of the time, I tend to focus on my personal vision of success which in intertwined with my business and so the story tends to include both aspects as it is just one life joined together in harmony.  I see the vision that I desire whilst reciting the story of the journey to myself in my head.  With each vision, I ensure that all of my senses are used to create the most vivid picture I can.  Using, sight, smell, taste, temperature, kinaesthesia and emotional feelings to make the vision as real as possible.

There is no predetermined time for this exercise but it usually lasts between 8-10 minutes for the entire experience.  After I am finished, I always feel even more energised and focused on making the most of my time in the pursuit of my goals. 

If meditation isn’t working for you or you can’t clear your mind then you might want to try what I have outlined above.

Go build your future! 📈


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