We invest in people with potential

QP Sports COO

Yvette Kemp

Kempy is an ambassador for professional women’s sport, health & fitness. She heads up our sport division where her team help professional athletes to unlock their potential through arduous experiential experiences. 

(Sadly, a life long Leeds fan but let’s not hold that against her)

QP Co-Founder & COO

Duncan Southern-Naylor

Leading from the front is what Duncan does. Not only for our day to day operations but in developing our own performance so that we may better serve our clients.

“The moment that you see another human being become a better version of themselves is the reason I love what I do.”

Chief People Officer

Mark Woodhouse

Mark is brains behind Attitude Change Technology (ACT), our unique IP that helps to unlock the true potential for those that we work with.

QP Co-Founder & CEO

Ashley Hughes

Ash has the vision of creating the most impactful Human Performance Agency and is building the QP Team to do just that.