2020 Challenge

2020, what a year. It won’t be one that we forget for a long time I’m sure. WW3 close to breaking out, a country nearly decimated through fire, and a global pandemic to mention but a few major issues the human race has faced this year. On a personal note, at the start of the year I set myself 3 main goals to achieve:

  1. A year of no alcohol

  2. Run 32km a week (which i have changed to a collective year of 1664km)

  3. Learn to cook 6x Mexican dishes

Now that we are at the end of the year, I can reflect on them and say that I only fully completed one of them; 365 days of no alcohol. I will come back to this but first I must own up to my failure to achieve the other two. The running goal was going well until in February, whilst on a 10km run, I twisted my knee and tore my medial meniscus. This was unfortunate as I had only just recovered from the same injury to the other knee. Wear and tear was catching up with my body. The injury put paid to that particular challenge as I am yet still to commence running in my rehabilitation. With regards to the mexican dishes, I only managed to learn three new dishes properly. Although a failure on my behalf, I still know how to cook 3 more dishes than I did at the start of the year so I will take the positive out of that experience. Now back to a year of no alcohol, a challenge that I am aware many are also undertaking. I would love to say that I found it transformational and life-changing, but I did not experience any major changes. The three things I have noticed:

  1. I am indifferent to drinking now

  2. I have less lethargic mornings

  3. Choose the hardest time to set yourself challenges

This time of year is rife with goal setting, which more often than not people do not follow through with. The greatest insight that I learnt and that I would share with anyone wishing to set themselves challenging goals, is to not wait for the “right” time to begin; it will never appear. I set myself the zero alcohol challenge on Christmas Day 2019. I did this because I know if I could not drink on Christmas Day and New Years Eve then there should be no reason for me to not drink for the remainder of the year.

2020 lessons learnt and now time to plan for the main personal challenges of 2021:

  1. A healthier family lifestyle

  2. Complete the Welsh 3000 challenge

  3. Improve French & Russian language skills

  4. Read no books (yes that’s correct, and I will explain in another article)

If you have any feedback from your own personal challenges for 2020 then please feel free to share! Stay safe.



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