Article #50 on our blog, who would have thought?

50 articles ago, I sat in front of this very computer considering what the hell I was going to write. That feeling has come and gone, it is always lurking there somewhere in my head. Sometimes the words just flow, other times they do not.

We had created the Q-Hub to share our knowledge, skills and experiences with you but had reservations on how we were going to be able to consistently put out relevant content that you would find useful.

It took a while to be confident enough to start putting content out into the big bad world. There are many internal fears that one must overcome in order to make themselves vulnerable, especially in the modern climate where literally everyone has an opinion, and a means to voice it.

What have I learnt throughout the process so far?

1. There is an abundance of information out there.

2. Be unique - there are many who are happy to regurgitate other people's work as their own.

3. Stop judging my own work - I am not the intended audience.

4. Keep going. It is easy to stop. If you like it, then keep going.

Thank you for taking the time to read our work, we really appreciate all of the feedback.

More to come...

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