A year of no beer

25 Dec 2019 - So it begins

Yesterday, the family and I visited a friend’s house for their annual Christmas Eve get together. A wonderful event, especially for the children as Father Christmas makes an early visit to the house.

Needless to say, there is an abundance of alcohol floating around the house and I must admit that I had a tad too much to drink. Nothing major but it did make me feel off form today and that upset me.

I was not at my peak performance on a day that is so full of joy and magic for our daughter, and that's just not acceptable for me. This factor, coupled with the fact that my personal fitness levels have been lacking for a few months lately, led me to challenge myself to:

  • A year of no alcohol

  • Run 32km a week (which i have changed to a collective year of 1664km

  • Learn to cook 6x Mexican dishes

By making this public and posting it, I am raising the accountability levels.

Let’s see how we get on.

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