Accountability as a coach

A year of no beer - 3 Jan 2020

9km run, 1639km to go. A good start to the year, getting the km’s down slowly but steadily.

On the run today, my mind wandered into the realm of my personal accountability and credibility as a professional coach.

As a coach, I should be able to demonstrate my abilities by walking my talk and practising what I preach. So I have decided to capture both physiological and psychological notes for a year to demonstrate my own ability to the public. I will pen my thoughts, experiences and interactions so that you, my potential clients, can see what I do.

The collection of posts will become the evidence of what I can do for myself and therefore what I can assist you to do for yourself.

My entire philosophy is evidence based practice that is backed up with scientific based research so I want to share my journey of accountability with you for a year.

I look forward to sharing my journey and hope to bring you value along the way. If you would like to discuss anything regarding human peak performance, then you can reach out to me at the following places:





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