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A year of no beer - 27 Dec 2019

8km done, 1656km to go. I’m not going to publish times etc as it means nothing to anyone other than myself. I will continue to share the accountability with you though as I feel it is important for all of us.

Whilst on the run, I was thinking about how professional coaches out their calendars online and ask potential clients to book a 15 minute slot with them. After some consideration, I decided that I am not going to do that for my potential clients as I want to serve my clients, not the other way around.

A coach is there to serve the client, not the opposite. To that end, I will continue to encourage potential coaching clients to email me at their convenience with dates and times for me to call them and discuss their requirements. My calls will not impose a 15 minute time limit either. How can anyone new to the coaching process be expected to condense their problematic situations into a 15 minute call, not exactly how to create rapport, which is the foundation to any potential coaching relationship.

So if you are in need of any professional peak performance coaching, please email me at or reach out on the social media platforms that I am on:




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