4 Dimensions of Coaching

Cox (2014) suggest that the various methods and concepts of coaching has “mushroomed into a panoply of models and approaches” and that many of the current concepts of coaching do not have clear definitions in which to distinguish themselves from neighbours such as mentoring, training and counselling.

Cox also explains that coaching has been described and explored in at least four major dimensions:

‘I’- a first person perspective on the coaching process by the coach and/or coachee describing individual experiences of both parties involved.

'We' - a second person perspective that emphasises the relationship between the coach and the coachee, the role of language and culture in their interaction.

'It' - more tangible elements of the coaching process that are able to be observed by a third party and even measured if necessary, such as particular interventions and tools of coaching, specific behaviours and models.

'Its' - the systems that are present as a background and an influencing force of the coaching process, such as sponsoring organisations and other social and professional groups.

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