Constant and never ending improvement

CANI - constant and never-ending improvement.

Sunday’s are always conscious reflection days where I purposefully sit down and review the progress I have made with my micro goals in relation to my macro goals. This week was slightly different as I had been capturing three daily achievements and posting online. This was partly to raise awareness about the significance of marginal gains towards your goals as well as documenting my own personal marginal gains along the journey towards my personal and professional goals.

Upon reflection though, I realised that I wasn’t doing it in the right way. I wasn’t acknowledging my failures therefore I wasn’t really appreciating the learning and growth which comes from them. With this in mind, I went back to the design board and produced a different way of documenting my progress. From now on each day will capture one thing that went well, one area for development and one area of personal growth. This will hopefully demonstrate that it is ok to fail so long as you look at it as an opportunity for feedback and development as opposed to failure. I hope that this will be of value to others, to help them appreciate where they are in relation to where they want to be, professionally and personally. #failforward #marginalgains

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