Dealing with Failure - 1/2

It was Christmas Day 2019, feeling full after an exquisite lunch with all of the trimmings I sat down and reflected upon the year as a whole. It was this reflection that led to a number of self-imposed challenges for 2020, both physical and psychological.

Two of my challenges were:

  1. Not drinking alcohol for 12 months.

  2. Run 1664km.

Challenge #1 is going well and not really a challenge anymore but I will stick with it to prove a point to myself that I can stick to something if required to do so.

Challenge #2 started off well, I had a blip in February with knee pain but managed to recommence running in March and was confidently on my way to achieving the goal. It was going to be hard as I was having to average a lot of Km’s a day due to the time missed but still achievable. Then on the 31st May during a 10km run, I was about 8km in when I twisted my knee slightly. After a career immersed in fitness this was nothing I had not experienced before and barely broke my stride whilst I continued to the end and thought nothing of it. It was only that evening after showering, eating and resting with the family on the sofa that I got up and couldn’t move my right leg. The pain became unbearable and I realised that it had happened again. I knew there and then that I had torn the meniscus in my right knee. I had only just recovered from a tear in my left knee back in the summer of 2019.

My body was telling me something.

The MRI confirmed the tear, the exact same thing that I had done over a year ago to my left knee.

It was clear that the running challenge was over. Failure is never nice, especially when the feedback is nothing but ‘your body is getting old and worn out’.

To be continued...

1664 challenge failure. Second torn meniscus within 18 months - the challenge is over for now.

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