Down with ppt

I have just had the privilege of sitting through an immensely dry subject that was delivered through the medium of powerpoint. We have all been there I am sure. The fact that the subject was dry did not help the cause but all the while I was sitting there, all I could think of is that in 2019, powerpoint must be dead as a tool for delivering information.

So why do development/training institutes still insist on using it as a method of conveying knowledge and skills. Even more intriguing is why do we accept it as a means of delivery? As a client, you should be afforded the luxury of not having to sit and listen to a boring presentation. You should have the choice of immersing into an environment where you can learn efficiently and effectively. Most of the information that was thrown at me today has gone from my mind already. It probably didn’t help that I wasn’t listening effectively but thats another argument.

So I am calling out all individuals and organisations that deliver knowledge and skills to others; use your imagination and earn the money that you are charging. I would also like to call out all of you who are paying for such knowledge and skills; don’t accept poor delivery! There is an abundance of people to choose from in this knowledge economy that we are in right now.

Down with ppt (Sorry Bill).

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