Exhilarating dive

10 metres underwater, adrenaline is pumping around your body and you are scared out of your mind. You are mesmerised by all of the different colours, species and foliage that you haven't seen before.

After a while you surface and are exhilarated after your first scuba dive, the fear has subsided. You now have a new insight into how things work beneath the surface.

The feeling is amazing, and one which you can reproduce time and time again, even without your scuba gear.

No, I don’t mean free-diving either.

If you apply the scuba analogy to the greatest challenges in your life, you can often find new insights into the situation, despite the fear that may be present at the time.

Too often, we merely observe from the surface, from our single perspective, and this can be catastrophic. The World is multi-dimensional; so why do we insist that our perspective is the ‘right’ one?

Next time you are faced with a problematical situation, take time to put on your mask and fins, and take a deeper look. You never know what you might see from down there!

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