Founding Story

The beginning

In 2008, three individuals attended a peak performance master coaching course. Sitting next to each other, a bond was formed and the realisation that the three of us had the same ideas about performance, people and development. Throughout the week of development, a subconscious bond was created that would form the foundation of what was to come.

Over the past ten years we have practiced our methodologies, iterated and formulated new methods, tools and techniques. Our quest for knowledge and evidence has led us on three different paths of discovery into the World of Systems Thinking, Leadership & Management and Behaviour Change.

Our fundamental beliefs in people and performance along with the bond formed so many years ago has kept the dream that we would do something magnificent together alive.

Ten years on, we have brought together our unique specialist knowledge and experiences to change human performance development by creating Quintessential Performance.

Why do we do what we do?

Quintessential Performance was formed for one purpose: to expand human potential. Our philosophy combines evidence based practice with scientific based research to offer a holistic approach to peak performance development.

We have an extensive wealth of practical experience in leadership, management and psychological resilience both within the UK and abroad. The architects have engaged with organisations covering the United States, Europe, The Middle East and Australia, working alongside prestigious people and companies to develop their human performance needs.

Our core belief is that humans are the most valuable asset to any team and as a human you have the potential to be all that you want. We work with you to unlock your human performance potential.

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