How to create success

We have taken the time to consider what helped us to create an environment for success in our previous endeavours and have narrowed it down to four points. We acknowledge that luck and timing also has a big part to play but those aspects are often out of our control so we are concentrating on what we can affect.

1. Focus on the outcome:

  • Be specific in what you would like to achieve.

  • Create a detailed vision of your outcome, embrace it with mind, body and spirit. Use all of your senses to picture yourself in the environment when you have been successful in achieving your outcome.

  • Use anchors to help you maintain the positive vision of a successful outcome.

2. Find out your purpose:

  • Why have you decided on such an outcome?

  • Define what is going to keep you motivated towards success during the dark days that will inevitably appear.

3. Take massive action:

  • Having a plan and a vision is useless unless you do something about it.

  • Take quality actions, in the right quantity, and be consistent with them.

  • Ensure your actions are measurable and count towards achieving the successful outcome.

4. Feedback and review:

  • How will you know that you are you on track?

  • Learn from the feedback that you are getting and iterate your actions.

  • Acknowledge success when it does happen. Celebrate the small wins along the way and don't be too hard on yourself.

There is no magic pill or formula for success that anyone can give you as we are all different, with different goals in life and all living different experiences.

What we can assist you with is your mindset. We know from years of practical experiences personally and with clients, is that your mind is the key that will unlock your potential. A healthy mindset will help you in your endeavours and we hope that the four tips may help you along the way.

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