If you stop learning, you start dying

There are 1,440 minutes in each and every day. We all get them. They are there waiting for us every 24hrs. Waiting for us to use them or lose them.

1,440 may seem a lot, but how about 10 minutes? Manageable, round number, we all like 10 minutes.

So what can you achieve in ten minutes? What did you achieve in the last ten minutes? (Probably browsing LinkedIn)

When was the last time you made good use of a ten minute chunk of your day. Whether it be for meditation, reflection, planning, development, or just being in the moment?

10 minutes every day for a year equates to approximately 60 hours, 2 ½ days.

Not a lot is it?

What if you took that time and saved it for your own personal development. Be selfish, it’s only 10 minutes after all.

How much personal development can you achieve in 60 hours?

A clever chap once suggested “Once you stop learning, you start dying”. I live by this ideology, you are never too late to learn anything.

What will you spend your 10 minutes a day on??

Stay safe.

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