Values of a leader

I don’t mean the values that you are supposed to have because you are part of an organisation or that they are plastered all over the walls in your office or on the company intranet. If only it were so easy to instil values.

The values that I am interested in, and want you to consider, are your own personal ones. The ones that unconsciously drive everything that you do in your personal and professional lives. Have you ever thought about what they are and written them down?

For example, here are my own:

Personal mastery:

  1. ‘Sweep the sheds’ - adapted from the New Zealand All Blacks.

  2. Take responsibility for yourself, it is not down to anyone else.

Mana: adapted from Māori culture.

  1. It is honour.

  2. It is respect.

  3. It is power.


  1. Project it in all that you do.

  2. Expect it from others.


  1. Always question why!

You may notice that I have borrowed concepts from others, there is nothing wrong with that at all. That is often the way we learn, through observing others, iterating, and adopting what works and what we can relate to. The most important factor is that it means something to me, I relate to it and can hold myself accountable to it.

As a leader, do your values drive your leadership style or are they contradicting each other? Do you walk your talk and set an example for those around you? How do you measure yourself and hold yourself accountable?

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