Perspectives matter more than you think

My perspective on life has been the key to my own success.

Irrelevant on how hard things are at any moment in time, there is always someone worse off.

This outlook on life has kept me going through adversity countless times in my professional career as well as my personal circumstances.

Diamonds are created under pressure.

Resilience is created through adversity, I truly believe that if you can reflect upon what is happening to you at any time, see the lesson that is there to be learnt, and actually learn from it then you will develop.

By having this mindset, along with the realisation that the circumstances of the situation are the results of my actions, then you take control of your life. You cannot be a victim if you own the situation and the decisions that resulted in you being there.

The caveat that I put on this article is that I have never been unfortunate to be in a really awful situation. Situations that no human should never have to go through, the injustices in the world. There are some dark souls walking the Earth that do unspeakable things for which I offer no advice as to do so would be irresponsible and small minded.

The mindset that I am trying to get you to think about is that as long as the loved ones in my life are healthy and alive, then whatever shitty situation is happening to me right now does not really matter.

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