Resilience through adversity

How do you build resilience?

Four weeks ago, I thought that I had ruptured the cartilage in my right knee. I was finishing my warm-up in the gym, stood up, heard a pop and felt a sharp pain fire through my right knee as I buckled to the floor.

Brilliant. This is something that I had just recovered from, having had surgery on my left knee only 18 months ago. On Christmas Day I had set myself a challenge to run 1664km this year, this was potentially going to scupper those plans.

After only a week of waiting I was fortunate enough to see a physiotherapist. They assessed me and thankfully came to the conclusion that I had not ruptured the cartilage this time. They immediately set me on a routine of exercise rehabilitation.

This was a relief to say the least. I began my road to recovery timidly as there was still a lot of pain in the joint but content that a surgeon was not going to remove a part of my body again.

Three weeks into my recovery, the sun was finally shining, the air was cold but it was an amazing spring day in the UK. Still in slight pain, I knew I had to get back on the road running. Not because I had a desire to go running, but because I knew if I did not, then I would be giving up, I would be making excuses why I did not achieve my goal.

I laced up my running trainers and just went for it. I had no expectations about the speed I was going to run, I just knew that I had my 9km route in front of me. Throughout the run there were times when I wanted to stop because of the pain, but I knew that I had to keep going. This was not a physical challenge, I had been through a hell of a lot worse, this was a psychological challenge. I also knew that if I got to the end, then I would reap the rewards. The battle would be won in my head, there would be no excuse available anymore.

Life can be hard.

That is a fact.

Sometimes you just have to get up and carry on pushing through the adversity that you are faced with. Getting through to the other side will make you stronger.

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