Stop being "busy"

The world will fill your time with problems unless you fill it with your own priorities. All too often in my organisation I overhear conversations where people will ask others how they are, and the reply is often "busy".

This is sad, as ‘busy’ is not an emotion or a state of being, merely a perception of an environment. In a climate where everyone is ‘busy’, I want you to question if you are being effective?

If you are that "busy" person, I challenge you to two things:

1. Remove the word ‘busy’ from your vocabulary for a week and see the difference in your own attitude.

2. Evaluate your priorities, determine a system to manage your tasks, empower others if you can, and drop the unworthy tasks.

By adjusting just two aspects of your own behaviour, you will begin to have an impact on your attitude and your actions.

What’s the worst that could happen? You become happier??

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