Taking a design turn

Taking a design turn in relation to my own systems practice has raised my own awareness when considering ‘what do you do when you do what you do’. For the purpose of sharing, I have condensed my observations thus far into the following four categories;

  • Language – the importance of language in the world that we live in, appreciating how language and metaphors shape our perception, thinking and actions.

  • Framing – my own ability to frame situations whilst appreciating that the frame is my perspective of the situation which needs to take into account other stakeholder perspectives.

  • Critical reflection – regarding what I read, what people say, my own actions and other stakeholder actions within a situation. Appreciating that my systems practice is open ended. Constant learning, reflecting, adjusting and applying creates a learning cycle which in turn can create a learning environment.

  • STiP – thinking about what I have learnt so far regarding systems thinking and practice. The different systems traditions; which ones that I can relate to and which I am going to take forward into my own tradition of systems practice.

What are you doing when you do what you do??

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