The consequences of Xmas Eve

A year of no beer - 28 Dec 2019

Today along with two friends, I completed an 8km (1648km to go) Brutal run ( which lived up to its name. This was a consequence of the drinking shenanigans on Xmas eve. Whilst at a friend’s house, we discussed fitness and running when one of the group suggested we complete today’s event together as a group.

With a few glasses of wine down the way, we all took out our debit cards and proceeded to sign ourselves up.

So, on a very cold, very wet British morning where the Christmas spirit is still reigning high, we line ourselves up with hundreds more runners to test ourselves against massive hills and deep water pits over an 8km cross country route.

The race was so much fun! Regardless of the ice cold water, it was bearable once you warmed up again halfway up another hill. The atmosphere was amazing, not what I was expecting at all.

During similar runs within the military, there is always an air of pressure and testosterone that breeds competition and adds to the expectations of oneself during such an event. It was nice for once in over 20 years to have no pressure and actually allow myself to enjoy the run for what it was.

I enjoyed it so much that I vow to do some more this year!

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