Veterans in Business

Over the past few years, ever since QP became more than just a thought, I have been listening to the same question, albeit in slightly different guises. “If all of your experience has been in the Military, what could you know about running a business?” This has come from various sources, friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, you name it, everyone seems to have an opinion.

Most recently, I reached out to an individual who helps new businesses grow who asked me the very same question. I appreciate why people may ask this, but it annoys me nonetheless. What annoyed me more was that I could not articulate what I knew to be true. This led me to reach out to my social and personal network who provided me with amazing perspectives and observations and helped me formulate this article.

Yes I have given the past 20 years to serving Queen and Country so no, I do not have years of experience working in a commercial environment but guess what? People are people.

No matter what organisation you are in, there will be humans involved, the machines have not taken over just yet. As long as you are human and I can ask effective questions, listen empathically and then formulate an appropriate response, then I actually can know a great deal about business.

These are the foundations of a great coach.

I have worked with thousands of different people across every single continent, often in the harshest of environments and demanding situations. I would argue that anyone who has served in the military, especially throughout the recent years of conflict, has worked in the worst possible situations that no commercial company, regardless of the amount of money involved could replicate. There is no greater risk than the loss of life.

I look forward to sharing more on what I have learnt about the value proposition that veterans can offer during my upcoming talk at the TechVets conference in Brighton.

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