Virtual Peak Performing Teams

In a previous article we raised a few questions asking how organisations were going to develop peak performing teams if they embrace more remote working. In this article we will explore some of the answers from our perspective, considering lessons learnt from organisations who operate well with a remote working ethos.


You have to select the right relationship. This goes both ways. Organisations need to ensure that the people they are hiring have similar values to them at their core. Likewise, people need to be sure that the company that they work with is aligned to their personal values. How can we improve this?

  1. Research - find out the REAL values, not the ones espoused on pamphlets and walls but the actions that are taken. Actions are the true reflection of real values.

  2. Openness - radical candor is a skill that challenges directly but from a place of caring.

  3. Consistency - real values are your everyday actions, seen by all.

Developing teams with limited interactions:

Even when you can’t physically interact with each other, you can still develop meaningful relationships. You just have to try a little harder. Make a conscious effort to engage with each other throughout the day/week/month, not only for work purposes but to mimic the coffee room chats, office banter and general dialogues that can foster greater relationships.

Trust/mistrust in the workplace:

This can be related to the points raised regarding values. Do people display the values that you can relate to? Does the organisation? If you don’t walk your talk, then people will not trust you. Be true to yourself and your colleagues.


Ask better questions. Take all of the above with a pinch of salt, it is our opinion, our perspective. The best way to develop your team virtually is exactly the same as in-person, albeit with more attention to detail. Ask your team how things are going, how can you all improve the situation, what is working well?

You are the masters of your own success, you may need some help along the way to figure out the questions, but the answers are all down to you.

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