WFH or The Workplace

£91.9 BILLION - Not my bank balance unfortunately.

I've been tracking a conversation of interest for many months now and it's really beginning to heat up in my opinion, even the press & the government all have something to say on the matter.

WFH vs the workplace.

Much of the recent rhetoric has shifted towards presenteeism, mental health & the economy.

We seem to have very short memories when it comes to the health & wellbeing which means the operational performance of any organisation.

We were not getting it right before COVID19 hit.

Pre-pandemic stats to jog the memory:

❗️£91.9bn lost from the UK economy lost as a result of ill health related absence & presenteeism.

❗️British businesses lost on average 38 working days per employee.

The REAL cost:

- unhealthy people that we supposedly care about

- illnesses that get worse

- lower morale in the workplace

- a bad culture

- dangerous work activities

- demotivated employees

- lack of progress

Why don't we take the time to think about the complex situation we are faced with, reflect on how people evolved throughout the pandemic and produce long-term, robust, empowering options for the workforce rather than rushing straight back into the workplace?

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